Forget mall Santa,
come to the beach instead
Forget mall Santa,
come to the beach instead!

Bring the whole family

(don't forget the dog)

  • No need to wait for hours in line, we will tell you when it's your turn
  • Get real-time updates on your place in the queue on your phone
  • Get shareable link with your digital photo(s)

How it works

You will be given an estimate regarding what time you need to be there

On the day, watch the queue in real-time on EZQ. This shows how many people are in front of you

Download EZQ and place order through the app.

Be there when we call your name and come and have a photo with Santa!

About us


Like a well oiled machine

Sonya J

By far the best santa photos in Christchurch :)

Christina A

Thank you Kiwi Santa Photo Team!

Marcus H

So good not having to wait in a queue! Photos are top notch xx

Anna L

Awesome! Beats lining up at a dingey mall. We will be making this our Christmas tradition!

Nicky M

What a cool idea! Kids loved it, lovely photos. Thanks so much!

Ginny T


When will I get my photos?

We aim for same day, and usually achieve this. Up to 24 hours after the shoot.

Will you be opening any more dates?

We keep dates free in case the weather turns to custard, and we need contingency dates for those wet sessions. If the weather is kind, we will open up the extra days closer to the time.

Why can't I download EZQ?

If EZQ isn't available, it is likely that your app store / play store country is set to another country other than NZ.

What happens if it rains?

We will send an email out the night before if there is any doubt, but the final decision is made 2 hours before the shoot. If we do cancel we will give you the opportunity to change to another date.